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I’m writing to you directly regarding your thoughtful and very kind comments as well as your questions about my blog and articles on

I screen all comments on my site which means that there is often a delay in their being published. There’s not enough time in a day to give even a short reply to all comments, but I do eventually read them all. By the time I have approved them and post them for public consumption, I’m not never certain whether the person who took the time to comment may even become aware that I have read and or responded to their comment. Therefore, I’m replying privately to the email address that appears with your comment so that you will know that I appreciate your taking the time to comment. You may also discover that my answer appears in the blog comments sections of my site.

To answer your questions: No one pays for my writing. For the most part, my life has been dedicated to helping people. Therefore, in addition to other things I do, my blog and articles are provided as a public service in order to help people who are searching for truth.

I’m the sole contributor and publisher of my site. Some people forward my posts or share the site with friends; and some readers claim that they will post them on their own sites, but I’m not familiar with any other sites where they might have been posted. I quote scripture as well as people that have inspired me through written word and through their lives as leaders, statesmen, heroes and religious martyrs or simply unsung holy people; and I typically give reference and credit to the sources I use. I try always to provide context and reason behind my statements. However, I must emphasize that although I’d like to give myself a lot of credit, I can’t claim that everything I write is totally original. To be transparent, my philosophy is based upon study and reflection on what has brought both meaning and shame to humankind. So, I’m just the messenger, trying to arrange things so that they are relevant and make sense, while passing along those truths which have been handed down through millennia.

It’s difficult to be relevant in our culture at a time when two or more opposing ideas are considered true and valid by a common culture that reasons by feelings rather than by logic. Yet people insist on accepting as “truth” that two ideas can both be valid even if they are mutually exclusive of each other—one of many absurdities of our times. However, I try to be relevant because I know that there are objective truths that are absolutely true for all time and for all eternity.

My confidence comes not because I’m so much wiser than others—I’m not. I’ve studied a lot, but not so much more than others. I’ve tried to be holy and faithful, but have failed often. I’ve lived longer than many of my readers, but my experiences of joy, and my trials most likely can’t compare to the magnitude of theirs. Nonetheless, my certainty about life and the mind and the soul comes from reflecting upon experiences in conjunction with what I’ve learned over the years. I’ve had many many profound experiences that are definitely connected and related to God.

I don’t believe in coincidence, especially when so many experiences I’ve had are related to prayer and always lead back to God’s love. I know that God gave me many experiences not necessarily to give me what I want, but to give me what I needed—a relationship with him which reveals that God alone can transcend chaos and give us peace. God has treated me in profound ways, not because I’m holy, but because I’ve been hard headed, He did what was needed to get my attention and cooperation.

We learn best by connecting things and new experiences to what we already know. When we begin making connections, we realize that we must first be truthful with ourselves, in other words to have a good, honest relationship with ourselves. Then we can begin to approach God in our weakness and with humility, while we ask His forgiveness. Our relationship with God must be the basis of all relationships—business, personal and social. If our relationship with God is true and good, our business and personal relationships have the potential to be fruitful as well. When God is excluded from relationships, experience reveals that a door is open to deceit, mistrust and chaos. God is the key to all good relationships. “For it is in Him that we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). (That quote is also from my favorite Eucharistic Prayer.) To deny God’s importance in our lives is to court disaster.

When I coach people with their lives and relationships, I’ve found that repeated failure is often, connected with failing in relationship with God. It’s been revealed to me that healing and fulfillment are more likely to flow from a strong relationship with God. This is so crucial, that without God’s involvement, I feel that no amount of coaching is likely to be of lasting benefit to the person seeking guidance. I cannot in good conscience encourage someone to continue to leave God out of their equation of life. Sadly, many coaches, and I believe even well meaning ones, teach different types of meditation that leave out a relationship with God. Even worse, many suggest praying to the universe or other spiritual entities of unknown or pagan origin. Such practices may seem helpful at first, but can leave the person with increasing troubles. (That’s a topic for a post that I should publish soon.) It’s also clear to me through my former ministry as a religious educator and pastoral associate, that to be truly happy, God must be at the center of our lives. God is the sole basis for peace and transformation.

The above is why I have this website, and why I value the importance of developing a close personal relationship with God. In a few words, I hope and pray that it continues to help people.

Thank you for your compliments and for me contacting me. It keeps me inspired to hear from people who value the blog. Please don’t hesitate to contact me again with suggestions, questions or anything at all.

May I ask that you please keep me in your prayers. I’m discerning the call of hosting a live virtual prayer meeting. In these days there is an increasing number of people who are suffering alone. If you would like to participate in a regional or global prayer meeting, or if you feel called to help moderate, please contact me at the email address below.

Many blessings,

Joe Trainor

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