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Christ-centered support for spiritual growth to achieve the ultimate relationship with God.......................................................................................... By focusing on our spiritual relationship with Our Lord, we are able to obtain peace and fulfillment in earthly relationships.

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The ultimate relationship makes possible even things that may seem impossible. Early in 2017, while coaching people for career and personal relationships, I discovered a need that isn't being well served: Countless people are seeking romance, intimacy, or potential soul mates; and while there are many heart-driven relationship coaches attending to these desires and needs, those needs are only a portion of a much greater need that we all have and only a few find. This greater need or relationship that is being neglected is the foundation of personal and societal development.. This relationship is the gateway to all good things--the developing relationship between ourselves and our Savior. The main reason why people go from one thing to the next, always searching, even repeating the same mistakes, and never being satisfied is because their ultimate relationship with God is not being fulfilled.  Like many souls before me, I discovered the hard way that only in God's care can we be truly happy; and with God, all things are possible. Through a closer relationship with our Lord, other relationships can be healed and strengthened, and new ones can surpass our greatest dreams. With the Father and Jesus dwelling in us, we receive empowering gifts of the Holy Spirit.   The purpose of this site is to help people in this greatest form of personal development, spiritual transformation and deepening personal relationship with the Lord.  With this as a foundation, all other relationships can become fulfilling as never before!  I'm a life and relationship coach and a former pastoral associate and religious educator with ten years in full-time ministry and an additional ten years in volunteer ministry, and now on a global mission serving God and his people.   Blessings, Joe Trainor, your host and servant at RelationshipDomain.com

Our Philosophy

In order for relationships to mature, they need to be built on solid ground. Unfortunately, many are built on sand. Think for a moment about the most important relationship that you can ever have. The ultimate relationship has to be between God and ourselves. If there is any other that seems more important (I know, I've been there.), then the cart has been put before the horse. With the Lord in focus, we can build a solid foundation within ourselves. For it is in Him that we live and move and have our being, and ultimately, spiritual transformation. He enables us to become truly loving and truly lovable--attracting others with a similar spirit. Together, let's endeavor to improve our relationship with HIm as we explore many ways to know and love Him more, and enjoy spiritual transformation built on solid rock.

Typical responses to spiritual transformation:

God is love and all who live in love live in God (1 Jn 4:16).

Contact us for more information, updates on new articles and alerts for prayer meeting schedules. I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to include prayer requests below along with any other special interests, concerns or comments that you may have. I'll get back to you personally within 48 hours. Blessings, Joe Trainor, Host and Servant